10 Steps to Overcome a Dysfunctional Past

Little Known Ways to Overcome Poor Relationships and Low Self-Esteem

Probably you’ve tried things like therapy, antidepressants, self-help books and they’ve helped a bit but nothing has quite done it. These tools work and are easy to use every day of your life.

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10 Steps to Overcome a Dysfunctional Past combines the spiritual principles of forgiveness with practical emotional tools so you can leave the past behind. The course will help you become more aware of your feelings and how to focus your thoughts. By the end of the class you will quickly be able to find the good in a situation so clarity will ensue. You will be able to understand how your emotions work and gain tools to deal with daily life.

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Even if your childhood and life are ideal, most humans don’t really know how to move through their emotions in a quick and functional way.

This course will give you the tools to do so. Those who will benefit most from this class are those who are tired of feeling like life happens to them and they’re stuck. You will be open-minded and into growing yourself as a human.

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"Love is what I loved about 10 Steps Overcome a Dysfunctional Past. Love Life is a school. I think that doing this series taught me more about the love I have and the love I can have for myself and others. That love comes not only from happiness but from sadness, anger, and fear and it is our privilege to experience these layers, to explore these layers of emotion in order to receive the lessons of life and learn how to love. 

As a therapist (LCSW), both for individual and couples, I have found how powerful "my cup runneth over exercise" and "the love letter" are not just for myself but for my clients. I have even found myself asking clients more about what they learned from a situation. This course has allowed me to go deeper into my own emotions and enhance my practice as a clinician tremendously.....and of course has been a blessing in the way I approach my own marriage. 

Before I took this course, I saw myself as someone who understood herself and was able to approach the world with empowerment. And as I took this course, I realized that I do not fully understand myself and will not ever fully understand myself because it is part of life to continue to grow and learn (Life is a school after all). And this realization has empowered me even more and has given me confidence and a deeper feeling of peace when I enter public spaces. Now that I am done with the course, I just want to tell everyone about it so that they can learn these skills, use these skills, and see life as a school each and every day. 

Thanks Maia! You are an wise and inspiring woman who I am privileged to live on this beautiful earth with."

Suzanne Knapp LCSW


Maia Berens
Personal/Spiritual Growth Teacher

Overcoming an abusive childhood with years of transformational and personal growth work which eventually led to a 32 year successful third marriage along with study and work with famous authors has made her ready to teach you too how to succeed in your life and relationships. She has facilitated profound transformation in her former clients, many of whom she also trained as Emotion-Based Coaches. She has begun a new chapter in her life as a recent widow and continues to create transformational programs at the same time she continues healing from the loss of the love of her life.

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I've always been a moody and reactive person. I need tools to help me navigate a happier life.

Also I get a real charge out of watching people grow into happier people in happier lives.

So in a way it's been my life's work to help myself and others find ways to feel better and happier about themselves and their lives.

No one likes being the grouch and walking around having to explain why they are like that or not explaining and just feeling negative and cranky.

I'd love to hear how you enjoyed the course and I hope you will stay part of my "family" of friends and clients for life.

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