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My Story Part 4

August 25, 2015

Starting in November of 2014, my darling husband had a growth under his arm. He went through much pain as time went by and other vvery unpleasant experiences with the whole thing. He had accepted that someday we die. He was 80 and on August 25, 2015, he left this life as we know it. As I am writing this it is six weeks since that happened. I have gone through much on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. I am learning how to be alone although when I am peaceful and centered, I'm very aware that he is with me. Someday I'll probably write more about this but for now, this is enough.

I've had much love and support since Bart transitioned. I have one friend, Beth Fortman-Brand, who has called and/or texted me every day since July 24, 2015 when Bart had a heart attack from blood loss. One of the YOU University coaches, April Julson, you can see on our website and writing here in YOU University called me every morning for four months and continues to call every...

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Marriage and Money Communication

Like other areas of our lives, we each have our stuff (definition: Ego + Unheard, Unprocessed Emotions + Unmet Needs). I come from a family where there was a lot of fear and denial around money. My mother was very afraid of not having enough. I believe my father was also afraid but he covered it with many layers of denial. So I come by my stuff quite honestly from the environment I unconsciously absorbed for the first 22 years of my life. I've certainly experienced fear around not having enough and in some ways covered that over with denial – a fine combination of both my mother's and father's emotional imprints.

The husband had his own but since we both believed we attract into our lives at the level of vibration our emotional selves are at (Law of Attraction), we've done just that. We've always had enough even when we lost it all in 2001 at which time we both experienced intense fear for months. I'm guessing that to some extent our...

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Man Are from Mars.....and I Am Awed

I knew my husband since Oct. of 1982. I was in an intimate relationship with him for 32 years and married to him for just under 30 and sometimes I didn't have the foggiest idea who he was. He was like a beautiful being from another planet that came into my life to give me more than I could ever have imagined. He loved me amazingly. He believed in me and my abilities - often some steps ahead of how much I could believe in myself. He was so known to me and yet - sometimes I was almost breathless with the knowledge that this happened - how we finally found each other was like some kind of play Directed by Someone beyond thought.

Now how does that sound coming from one who is a total proponent in the belief that we create our own lives? But I can't quite wrap myself around having created so amazingly while being unaware that I was doing it. How did it happen? Am I really this powerful? Was he? Does anyone else feel this way? Do I feel this way because the...

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Love Changes Everything

Love changes everything sounds like the title of a pop song which might be the theme for the kind of chick flick that whiles away a few hours on a weekend evening.

“Not true. Can’t be true. It’s not real life. No one really has that kind of relationship. Blah. Blah. Blah.”

If this is what your thoughts were saying as you read this title, join the ranks of the hurt and disenchanted. So your questions might be:

  • Does love really change everything?
  • Does romantic love even exist?
  • Is it love or is it just attraction – that physical thing and when that goes away, is there anything left?
  • And for those of you married or in a long-term relationship which you’d describe as comfortable, can you really ever expect to feel love again?

I was that young woman many years ago that believed that love really did change everything but also that I could never have it because all I did was find someone to not love me and make me feel worse about myself then I already...

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Learning How Not to Be Responsible for My Partner's Feelings

I am a kind and loving woman. I require a love relationship with the ones close to me. I care about many people and show them and tell them - including my husband. One morning he was home even though it was Monday morning and I usually have quiet to work. My office was right out in the middle of the house and a lot of what I do is write - just like I am writing right now.

He went out to get the car smogged and came in while I was writing. I greeted him and thanked him for taking care of the car. I listened for a few minutes while he talked about what was happening in the apartment across the way - and he kept talking to his daughter about stuff that is not important that she knows or I listen to at this time. Maybe he wanted to spend a little more time before he settled into his work mode. However, I needed quiet when I wrote. I requested that he stop and he got a little bent out of shape. Although he stopped talking.

I kept writing for a minute or two and then asked if we...

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