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My Story - Life Begins - Part 1

maia's story May 31, 2016

My name is Maia Berens and I will share with you the lessons and tools that changed my  life.  I  can  teach you  a  way  to  transform  your relationship  with yourself  in  so profound a manner that when you are through working with me, you will be able to say you  have  the  keys  to  revealing  your  authentic  self  or,  as  I  like  to  call  it,  your  Real  Self  or  the Real You.  

When I was a little girl  and my mother was  yelling, calling me names  and belittling me, there was a tiny bit of inner understanding that told me I was not actually bad. Even  when  my  ex-husband  told  me  I  was too  light  for  heavy  work  and  too  heavy  for ...

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My Story - Part 2: As My Journey Began

maia's story May 30, 2016

I was sitting on the bed of my soon to be married childhood friend, . Enveloped by my frozen spirit, I begged her for advice. I had been married for seven months and two days. I went steady with my husband for four years starting my second month in college. Living with him was much worse than dating him because I could not run away while he worked on controlling my every thought and deed.

I had escaped from our marriage two weeks before and was staying at my parents' house - the very place I could not wait to leave. I had gone to college to "meet a husband" believing that my parents and society had expected that of me. He was my second date in college. I stopped dating anyone else and stuck with him because I was afraid no one else would want me. Initially his looks and his interest in me drew me in. I also liked the spiritual and optimistic talks we had in the first few months of our relationship.

After that, I...

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My Story Part 3: My Journey Continues

maia's story May 29, 2016

It was 1980. I was thirty-seven. My four children ranged in age from six to fourteen. For the preceding six months, I had been a stay-at-home mom unable to work because I felt scared,fragile, confused, stuck and emotionally spent all of the time. I hardly slept. I cried at the drop of a hat. I had headaches and faintingly strong neck spasms. An inner voice screamed that I was too fat, deeply flawed and useless. For years while trying to sleep, I had fantasized about running away; however, because I thought I was unable to take care of myself, much less four children, I stayed and suffered. I had been married for fifteen years.

In my aerospace engineer husbands presence intense fear surfaced. Our roles of victim - me and verbal and emotional abuser - him - expanded. Our cycle of verbal free-for-alls increased. One Sunday in May at Santa Monica Beach, he and I stood fighting in the sun for so long that...

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My Story Part 4

maia's story May 28, 2016

August 25, 2015

Starting in November of 2014, my darling husband had a growth under his arm. He went through much pain as time went by and other vvery unpleasant experiences with the whole thing. He had accepted that someday we die. He was 80 and on August 25, 2015, he left this life as we know it. As I am writing this it is six weeks since that happened. I have gone through much on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. I am learning how to be alone although when I am peaceful and centered, I'm very aware that he is with me. Someday I'll probably write more about this but for now, this is enough.

I've had much love and support since Bart transitioned. I have one friend, Beth Fortman-Brand, who has called and/or texted me every day since July 24, 2015 when Bart had a heart attack from blood loss. One of the YOU University coaches, April Julson, you can see on our website and writing here in YOU University called me every morning for four months and continues to call every...

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