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Package 1

Courses can be purchased individually also

Change Your Perspective; Change Your Life

$19.00 USD

Who this course is for:
For those who want a quick and easy change of mood.

“This course was so straightforward and very to the point of things. I feel like even though it wasn’t much time to do, it helped me take a look from another perspective of my own life.”
Jessika Wynne
Austintatious Events, LLC, Austin TX

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5 Steps to Stop Beating Yourself (and Everyone Else) Up

$29.00 USD

Who this course is for:
For those who are tired of judging and picking on themselves and everybody else.

“I would never thought such a simple process would reap such rewards...I would have scoffed if I had not tried. I am sure there is much more to aid my emotional wellbeing, but this sends me in a new direction that I thoroughly appreciate.”
Jenn Riley
Vocalist, Newcastle DE

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Package 2

Courses can be purchased individually also

How Three Magic Secrets Changed My Life Forever

$119.00 USD

Who this course is for:
If you enjoy personal development and would like help figuring out why life has not gone the way you wanted it to, this course is for you. And, you will walk away with tools for life.

“While there are untold numbers of powerful and impactful personal growth programs available on the market today - this particular program is created with such raw courage and deep truth that it could save the astute student years of searching.”
Patricia Flasch,
Soul Coach, Santa Fe NM

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10 Critical Steps to Overcome a Dysfunctional Past

$379.00 USD

Who this course is for:

  • For those who feel out of sync with themselves and their lives.
  • Great for anyone who would like to be able to bounce back emotionally quickly and functionally and carry that ability to their lives and relationships.
  • For those who would like to continue to expand their awareness over their lifetime. This will give you the tools and the mindset to do so.
  • Useful for those who have a dysfunctional background and have tried therapy and even possibly medication but still want more help.

“As a therapist (LCSW), both for individual and couples, I have found how powerful "my cup runneth over exercise" and "the love letter" are not just for myself but for my clients. I have even found myself asking clients more about what they learned from a situation. This course has allowed me to go deeper into my own emotions and enhance my practice as a clinician tremendously..... and of course has been a blessing in the way I approach my own marriage.”
Suzanne Knapp
LCSW, Bohemia NY

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