How Three Magic Secrets Changed My Life Forever

How Three Magic Secrets Changed My Life Forever

Quickly change your experience with simple yet profound rules by which to live a satisfying and fulfilling life.

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The first, and possibly the most profound of the secrets, happened this way. I was backing out of the alley behind my home and another car hit into me. I called my Wise Fairy God Mother very upset. She listened and then said, “What did you learn?” No one had ever had that response to my upsets in the past. Previously I had heard either judgment or anger come back at me. It stopped me short and made me think and in the moment changed forever how I would look at the situations in my life. Learn to use this tool and your life will gain profound meaning - even from the hard things.


Using a whimsical video, this course will help you identify with the story and your inner beauty. It will teach you how perfect you are from birth until today and give you the tools to keep seeing yourself and your life that way.

Learn the Magic Secrets Now

"The story that reminds us of a time in our lives when we had that sense of experiencing ourselves as a treasure, when we knew our own innocence, however briefly. We have a chance to hear what happens to that innocence and what it takes to reawaken the sweet child within.While there are untold numbers of powerful and impactful personal growth programs available on the market today – this particular program is created with such raw courage and deep truth that it could save the astute student years of searching. Its utter simplicity is almost shocking. This is the kind of program that invites us to make a pot of tea, find a beautiful spot in the garden and gently progress through the author’s amazing work of awakening. The three secrets that Maia passes on to her students are essential totems for living a more soulful life. 

In my own life’s work – in decades of working with people to support them in “finding their way home” – I see that Once Upon A Time There Was You, could be used as a kind of primer at the beginning of a personal growth course, or as a kind of companion guide to the therapeutic or coaching process. I see also that Maia is a woman who lives the message that she offers us in her book. She continually demonstrates a kind of devotion to truth that inspires all those she touches — much like bringing a candle into a dark room."

Patricia Flasch 
Soul Coach, Santa Fe NM


Maia Berens
Personal/Spiritual Growth Teacher

Overcoming an abusive childhood with years of transformational and personal growth work which eventually led to a 32 year successful third marriage along with study and work with famous authors has made her ready to teach you too how to succeed in your life and relationships. She has facilitated profound transformation in her former clients, many of whom she also trained as Emotion-Based Coaches. She has begun a new chapter in her life as a recent widow and continues to create transformational programs at the same time she continues healing from the loss of the love of her life.

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I've always been a moody and reactive person. I need tools to help me navigate a happier life.

Also I get a real charge out of watching people grow into happier people in happier lives.

So in a way it's been my life's work to help myself and others find ways to feel better and happier about themselves and their lives.

No one likes being the grouch and walking around having to explain why they are like that or not explaining and just feeling negative and cranky.

I'd love to hear how you enjoyed the course and I hope you will stay part of my "family" of friends and clients for life.

Learn the Magic Secrets Now

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