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Couple emotional healing with forgiveness and it’s healing effects and tie that in with spirituality and you end up with Emotion-Based Coaching.

Maia Berens

Hi, I'm Maia Berens

Creator of Emotion-Based Coaching

 About Me

I am a personal and spiritual growth teacher and coach who has been creating training programs for over 20 years. My own personal transformation and healing from both emotional and sexual abuse as a child and an abusive 19-year relationship found me attracting mentors and teachers who taught me the building blocks that created my own finally successful marriage of 31 years with a wonderful and loving man. I teach all the tools I learned and developed to find my own emotional health and I consider the success of my third marriage as proof that if one does the work, one reaps the rewards.

Evolution of Emotion-Based Coaching

I had no idea what a normal array of human emotions were. I usually felt wild optimism or deep sadness and depression. As a result of what I learned from and the continued work I did using the tools I learned, I became an emotional intelligence “savant“.

Heal the Past, Change Beliefs, Inspired Action

If you heal the past, you will be able to uncover the incorrect beliefs about yourself and life that you carry as a result of unheard and unprocessed feelings. When you do both parts – the healing and the changing of false beliefs, you find you are a kind of vessel for inspiration and therefore can perform inspired action instead of the same old hamster wheel of behaviors which will keep creating pretty much the same life over and over.

Giving Voice to Spirit

We all start out with self-love as babies and often life has a way of interfering. Additionally everyone has at least some emotional baggage. Sharing in either an Emotion-Based Course that you take online or a Facebook group with other people who “get you” with me as your coach, is, in my opinion like giving voice to spirit. You have to experience it to fully get its value

I'm mom to 4 & grandma to 6

You will meet my family as we coach and share our life stories.