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Overcome a Difficult or Abusive Past with an Emotion-Based Online Course

The Only Program to Help You Totally Let Go of Your Abusive Past and the Mess It Has Created in Your Life

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Thabi Forgave Apartheid Govt:

“I have come to realise that there is no such thing as failure but there are many opportunities to learn to do something satisfactorily – note that I did not say RIGHT.” (more)

Teri Wakes Up:

“I was emotionally numb, I was severely depressed, I was overmedicating myself with prescription medications to cope with my unhappy existence and I had completely lost interest in everything.” (more)

Is Any of This True for You?

Lousy relationships
Unsatisfying work
Underpaid work
Lack of Confidence
Poor Self-Esteem

My Programs Will:

Boost Your Self-Confidence
Teach You How to Stop Carrying the Past
Help You Get Rid of Emotional Baggage
Give You Tools for Lifelong Growth
Teach You How to Keep Finding a Positive Attitude

Lifetime Access to Online Programs
Groups for Connection with Others Like You
Frequent Connection with Me

Major Tools That Work Throughout Life
Confidentiality and Privacy Maintained
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Overcome a Difficult or Abusive Past Now

Savina Overcame Fear:

“Before, I was very confused.  And very afraid of looking at my feelings and what was actually underneath the surface of myself.  Very scared.  It felt unsafe to look within.” (more)

April Had a Crappy Dad:

“YOU University has completely changed my life. When I started the program, I was a lost, lonely, and carrying around so much baggage from my past.” (more)

Rowena Had a Mentally Ill Mom:

“I had been the subject of physical, emotional and sexual abuse in my home life then went on to repeat this in my relationships with men, bar the sexual abuse.” (more)

My Philosophy


Healing means you look at all the relationships and situations from your past and work on bringing them into equilibrium.

Somehow the combination of who I am, with my particular mother, made me feel very unworthy - with self-esteem so damaged that I didn't believe there was a man out there that I would want that would also want me.

Change Your Beliefs

Why change your beliefs? It is likely that some unconscious belief you hold is keeping you from attracting and creating the relationship you want.

The mind compulsively thinks many of the same thoughts repeatedly. Are we stuck forever thinking negative thoughts? The answer is both yes and no. 

Inspired Action

All the pure thought and healing in the world is not going to change your life if you take no action or you act from fear or old beliefs.

Following your intuition is a very special kind of trust. It is a combination of trusting yourself and trusting the guidance that comes to you about what to do or where to go or how to act. 

"What I have learned is now embedded in my inner conscious. Life happens and happens to you as it happens every day to me. Every time that my inner critic show up, that I start being too hard on me, I’m able to catch the spiral and refocus my thoughts using one or more technique that I learned."

Knhur Carresquel

"I am in AWE. I feel a release and freedom that I have not felt in years. I am so grateful to the founder of this program to help me navigate learning how to be ME. Authentically, and wonderfully ME. I am drawing new experiences and am excited about my future. Thank you."

Brenda Holder

"I was lost in the swamp that was life. Old ghosts haunted me not only at night, but they would walk beside me. Sometimes they would be friendly, but mostly they reminded me of the past and that angered me. I fought them, and then they would laugh as they drained life and happiness from me till I was too weak to do anything else.  One day I found a sign. Synchronicity likes to be unexpected. With much hesitation, and doubt I chose to follow the sign. Somehow I found the courage to trust my intuition that this was a good choice. For a while, doubt stayed with me, but the direction my journey was taking me replaced doubt with tools. Tools that empowered me to be the traveler and not the lost wanderer. All I needed was a sign that changed the way I travel this life of mine."

Louis Mynhardt
English Teacher

"I just love everything about this course...Maia, you are a natural teacher!! I decided to run through all of the modules once, without doing the exercises, and now I can hardly wait to go back to the beginning and do the exercises! Thank you so much for sharing your gift...xo "

Dominique Harvey
Resolution Law & Divorce Mediation

"Gone is the person playing victim. I have been taught and accept the part I played in situations throughout my life. My self esteem has gone through the roof, I can achieve anything I want to."

Rowena Smith
Social Worker & Life Coach

"I love that I can really give myself a break and that I see the learning in all that I have experienced. My journey has been quite amazing. "

Gina Nonemaker
Life Coach

"Great content! I look forward to visiting this again.  "

Tami Romani
Brand Strategist

"All in all I really feel I went on a mini spiritual journey here."

Mack Holiday
Spiritual Teacher, Actor

"I would never have thought such a simple process would reap such rewards...I would have scoffed had I not tried it. I am sure there is so much more to aid my emotional well being, but this sends me in a new direction that I thoroughly appreciate."

Jenn Riley

"I love the class and the exercises...I can see myself doing it often to touch base with my feelings on my life and who I am."

Suzanne Knapp
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"I must say, I always thought that by not concentrating on my past that I was okay. I couldn't have been further from the truth. The past and all of it's unresolved emotional garbage has been a toxic venom brewing inside of me for years and it has affected me in more ways then I even know! The release I feel as I face each unresolved issue is enormous, I actually can feel it on a physical level! Of course, on an emotional and mental level as well. My awareness continues to expand, as does my intuitiveness and I am working on listening to my intuition more. Overall, it has been an emotionally charged journey, difficult at times, but, absolutely rewarding, healing, and so worth it!! My determination and commitment has grown ever stronger, with each new experience."

Teri Henderson
Life Coach

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