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Overview of Emotional Baggage Removal


People fall into 3 broad categories: those that loved their childhood, those that thought it was not too bad and those of us that had a really tough one. But what we almost all universally share is the fact that our families wanted us to be good, not get angry and get along with each other. So we generally learned unhealthy ways to get over feeling angry and some possible distortions of other feelings also. This course will help you get back in balance.

Emotional Baggage Removal embodies and combines spiritual principles of forgiveness and love with practical emotional tools to achieve the results which allow you to leave the past behind.

Some of us had difficult and traumatic childhoods and we carry the results of those experiences into our lives as adults. We try many things to help us - therapy, anti-depressants and many other things. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they work partly and sometimes we just continue to suffer.

I am one of those people who was abused as a child - emotionally and sexually. I carried the results into my adulthood. I have been fortunate enough to have the right combination of experiences and talents to make great headway in healing myself. Emotional Baggage Removal is one of the results of that healing. So are good relationships with my kids, a happy marriage - finally - and good feelings about myself most of the time.

The bigger picture of Emotional Baggage Removal is that if you heal the past, you will be able to uncover the incorrect beliefs about yourself and life that you carry as a result of unheard and unprocessed feelings from the past. When you do both parts – the healing and the changing of false beliefs, you find you are a kind of vessel for inspiration and therefore can perform inspired action instead of the same old hamster wheel of behaviors which will keep creating pretty much the same life over and over. So you could say this is a journey of healing and awareness and if you keep using what you learn over your lifetime, you will continue to create more and more expanded awareness.

You will take this course if you want to learn how to be in charge of your life and feel good about it most of the time. When life throws you a curve, there is no need to crash.

Note: Emotional Baggage Removal may be particularly valuable for those who believe they have had a dysfunctional childhood.