Change Your Perspective; Change Your Life

Learn How a Quick Change in Perspective Can Save Your Day

See your tough situation from a more objective viewpoint and find a more impartial experience of them.

Start Enjoying Life More Today

Quickly turn your harried mood into a light and happy view. When you can't find your keys and then hurry to get to work on time while traffic is impossible and people drive like maniacs and the line for coffee is way too long and the barista is much too slow, it's a bad way to start a day.


This course is:

Short and quick

Easy to digest in one sitting

Teaches an easy and humorous perspective change


Comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


What's in the Course?

Using traffic as an example, do you deal with it differently depending on how you feel that day?

Let's Get at the Difficulty
Which area of your life will you choose?

Two Ways
Let's see if you prefer dealing with your angel or riding on your magic carpet.

Broadened Awareness
Now that you have a bigger perspective, what do you see?

Finding the Positives
You will even be some positives and it will change your perspective!

Start Enjoying Life More Today

"This course was so straightforward and very to the point of things. I feel like even though it wasn't much time to do, it helped me take a look from another perspective of my own life."

Jessika Wynne
Austintatious Events LLC

"I don't usually take the time to do anything like I did last night..I was glad I did. It felt like a cleanse, so to speak. This was an interesting way to replay what I have gone through. It have me the opportunity to see things as the storyteller and not the 'victim' who was emotionally troubled."

Elisa Francois

"Maia, I loved this course!..I learned that friendships grow and change let certain friends go. It was such a relief to realize it wasn't my fault."



Maia Berens
Personal/Spiritual Growth Teacher

Overcoming an abusive childhood with years of transformational and personal growth work which eventually led to a 32 year successful third marriage along with study and work with famous authors has made her ready to teach you too how to succeed in your life and relationships. She has facilitated profound transformation in her former clients, many of whom she also trained as Emotion-Based Coaches. She has begun a new chapter in her life as a recent widow and continues to create transformational programs at the same time she continues healing from the loss of the love of her life.

Course Price $19

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30-day Money Back Guarantee

I've always been a moody and reactive person. I need tools to help me navigate a happier life. Also I get a real charge out of watching people grow into happier people in happier lives. So in a way it's been my life's work to help myself and others find ways to feel better and happier about themselves and their lives.

No one likes being the grouch and walking around having to explain why they are like that or not explaining and just feeling negative and cranky.

I'd love to hear how you enjoyed the course and I hope you will stay part of my "family" of friends and clients for life. [email protected]

Start Enjoying Life More Today

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