An Intuition Exercise

An Intuition Exercise

Think of a confusing relationship dynamic currently in your life — a choice you have to make about which you are unclear. Or, any other confusing choice you have to make. It could be as varied a decision as a career change or related to the purchase of a new car. 

1.     Write it down in the form of the following question:  How will my life be affected if I choose…………  Fill in the blank with one of the choices you are considering.

2.     Now scan your body. Notice in which areas you feel some sensation. What kind of sensation are you feeling? Write down any sensations that stand out. Move upwards from your feet. Focus on your ankles, shins, thighs, genitals, back, etc., continuing to note physical sensations, for example tight throat or chest, heaviness in the chest, fluttery stomach, burning. Cold or hot.

3.     Look at the question you wrote down and imagine the only information you allowed yourself to use to make this decision came from the feelings in your body.  For this moment, just pretend that this is so.  Write down your decision based upon what you just learned from your body. Hint:  pleasurable, expansive feelings generally indicate a positive response in the mindbody.  Contracting, burning or painful feelings generally indicate a negative. Imagine what your body was telling you.

4.     Write for five minutes about the advantages, learnings, and wisdom of having (for this moment) made the decision from your mind-body information.

5.     Now repeat Steps 1 – 4 for the exact opposite of your first decision.

6.     Call a friend, mentor or any other person and tell them how your life will be better if you act on your mind-body’s decision. Ask that person to take notes for you, so you will not forget what you said. It could be different or have more information than what you wrote yourself.

7.     Ask that person to tell you how they see that your life will be better if you act on your mind-body’s wisdom. Write down the highlights so you will not forget.

All of the information that you've gathered from your intuition via your mind-body will be valuable in helping you make your decision. Trust yourself. 


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