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Born a Slave, She Forgave the Apartheid Government

It has been a journey and a half. I have learned so much about myself by using the tools provided at You U. I have learned to own my success not just my failures as was the case before. I have learned that perfection is an illusion not worth pursuing and that failure as it I viewed by the world is not a death sentence. Most importantly for me, I have come to realise that there is no such thing as failure but there are many opportunities to learn to do something satisfactorily – note that I did not say RIGHT.

If I am satisfied with it, then it is right and anyone who sees it or thinks differently about it is right too. I hope they are satisfied with what they think. I just ask that they do not try to convince me to be satisfied by what they think or feel – it will be an exercise in futility. I am not sure if this serves as a grades speak as testimonials go, which goes to prove my point.

The journey to self is a very arduous one. It can only be taken when one is truly ready to look at themselves squarely in the eye for exactly who they are. If you are not there yet there aren’t enough tools in the world to make you have a fulfilling life.

We are the microwave generation. We want it yesterday – all perfectly done and dusted with a ribbon around it. Sadly, that cannot be the case. For me, the journey has been worth it. My children are the best testimony of my transformation because they have asked to be coached.

I have had to tell them, I cannot be the one to coach them because I am at the centre of their pain and they need to feel free to call me by whatever name they choose to without any hindrances. Does this give you a picture? I hope so.

I do not have words of wisdom, I have an experience to share and that can fill books. I am so at peace with who I am and where I am going. I understand that there will be valleys but that does not ruffle my feathers as it would have, had I not taken the course.

I will be very amiss though if I do not indicate that this journey has been orchestrated and directed by God. He had steadfastly guided me on which way to go and has kept His steady hand on me even when I felt like giving up.

I would definitely recommend taking the journey because what is on the other side of the valley is truly breath-taking in its magnificence.

Thabi Zikalala, Emotion Based Coach, East London, South Africa [email protected] +27715658599