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Happy Marriages Have Issues, too

issues Jul 08, 2016

I really loved my husband. I respected him. I was proud of him. I was proud to be in a relationship with him. So where did the evil little bitch that I could be come from? Was it from my past? Was it hormones? Was it morning blues? YUK!!!!

Here's what happened one morning. I got up earlier than usual which for some reason brought me to my computer. That's always a mistake first thing in the morning. I get pulled into work so now on top of the usual duties I'd assigned myself in the morning - putting dishes away, making the Martian's lunch, making his breakfast.  By going to my computer, I now subconsciously had taken on my career duties as well.

So the Martian, who had gotten up before me and was relaxing with a cup of tea on the couch, started sharing stuff from work with me. He taught high school science and physics. He asked me a couple of times if I was listening and I said "yes" although truthfully his talking and relaxing was beginning to annoy me because I was working, stressed, blah, blah, blah - you got it -

Now why would I think that working at 4:30 in the morning is more important than connecting with my husband and hearing a beautiful story about one of his students? It was so moving to him, he was choked up with feeling and I was WORKING!

Oy! Well, fortunately I saw my error quickly, apologized and - HOPEFULLY - learned something.

I was thinking, "I promise to respect my husband. I promise to respect and appreciate my husband. And I love myself with my pimples, foibles and wrinkles anyway."


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