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Journal Prompts - A Yes/No Exercise

I’ve always been big on giving my clients journal prompts because there is something inside themselves that wants to come out. As their guide on this part of their personal growth journey, sometimes I can see what the correct journal prompts would be for them to help them uncover what’s wanting to come to their awareness. Following is an example of one of those journal prompts I assigned to a client:

Thanks for the little journal prompts exercise on yes/no. I have done this one before, but your twist to fold the page in half, do the “no” side first, and then the “yes” side, without seeing the “no” side, was a little different. When I did it, I had the page open and allowed myself to “respond” to each negative or positive statement as I was writing. The value of the way you suggest is that you don’t make excuses, you write down the negatives as a total list, and then you go to the positives, which may or may not...

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How Much Agenda Should Life Coaches Have Anyway? NO AGNDA

Just before I went to sleep the other night, I realized I wanted to write about a life coach’s agenda so I wrote a note on the pad I keep by my bed. Then yesterday as I was running around town doing errands, a car pulled in front of me and its license plate was: NO AGNDA. Too synchronistic to ignore.

When I went to coaches’ training, I was told that an excellent life coach would have no agenda. That is probably true in a perfect world. It is also true that human beings are almost not capable of having no agenda while loving. That means we have no expectations of our clients. And that isn’t true.

We expect them to:

  • call in on time
  • pay us in a timely manner
  • bring their issues and accomplishments to the call
  • have a quiet space in which to have our meeting
  • have done their assignments or bring up what stopped them
  • share their failures
  • share their successes

So, of course, we have agendas for our clients. But maybe they were only talking about personal agendas like...

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What Would Inspire You to Seek an Emotion-Based Coaching Course? by Heather Williams

It is a confronting and defining moment when a person comes to the realization that something is not working, and their life is not turning out the way they think it should. Sometimes it’s not just one incident that wakes you up to the fact that you need to change your ways or you’ll continue along this endless path you’re on. For many, it is a gradual awakening of that spark within that tells you it’s time to move forward. For others, it takes a life-shattering incident.

So, why seek a Life Coach and not a psychologist?

It comes down to what you want out of each session. Personal choice. Some people are very comfortable with psychologists and the way they work, others are not. For those who are not, emotion-based Life Coaching can be just what they’re looking for.

What is it then, that inspires people to seek an Emotion-Based  Coach and go through a course such as those offered by YOU University?

The same thing that inspires anybody who sets out...

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What Is a Spiritual Life Coach?

I define a spiritual life coach as a life coach who acknowledges the presence of spirit in the world and intuition in the body. 

If you need support:

  • During your first steps on a new path in life,
  • You want might help to get in touch with your self or
  • Help in times of crisis when your world may seem like it's falling apart,

you may find the help of a spiritual coach most welcome.

Most coaching is at some level a form of holistic or spiritual life coaching because all coaching is primarily about expanding awareness. Working with an intuitive or spiritual life coach is thus about reaching clarity through awareness. Spiritual coaches can help you clarify issues that may be keeping you stuck.

A spiritual life coach will help you expand your awareness with a much wider perspective than just what appears to be happening. They will help you see the purpose and gains from the hard things in your life. They will empower you with a perspective of learning rather than the victim.

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