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What Is a Spiritual Life Coach?

life coaching Sep 25, 2017

I define a spiritual life coach as a life coach who acknowledges the presence of spirit in the world and intuition in the body. 

If you need support:

  • During your first steps on a new path in life,
  • You want might help to get in touch with your self or
  • Help in times of crisis when your world may seem like it's falling apart,

you may find the help of a spiritual coach most welcome.

Most coaching is at some level a form of holistic or spiritual life coaching because all coaching is primarily about expanding awareness. Working with an intuitive or spiritual life coach is thus about reaching clarity through awareness. Spiritual coaches can help you clarify issues that may be keeping you stuck.

A spiritual life coach will help you expand your awareness with a much wider perspective than just what appears to be happening. They will help you see the purpose and gains from the hard things in your life. They will empower you with a perspective of learning rather than the victim.

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