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How many times have you tried to be perfect...and failed?

Perfectionism started for me as a child. My mother wanted me to be perfect and I bought into it totally. I don't feel like a victim here because the way I imagine it, that the choice was made during some period when I was out of a body and just an energy - a soul - and decided that a good part of my path in this life would be to always try to be perfect. I often fall very short. Many years ago I started working on my inner child healing and realized at age 66 that perfection is a mental box. It keeps creativity from entering.

Let's look at an example. Let's say I want perfect grooming. I try to figure out how to have my hair look perfect. I try to figure out how my nails should look to be considered perfect. I spend lots of effort figuring out how to dress, moisturize, deodorize and criticize myself into perfection. Does it work? Can I ever truly be perfect? Of course not! The more I try to be perfect the more I cut myself off from my inner child healing and know my true self. It is...

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A Simple Way to Begin to Improve Self Esteem

You may repeat the same negative patterns over and over in your life and never realize that you end up in these same situations because you don't feel that you are worthy of something better. For example, several of my clients continued to have relationship partners who did not treat them the way they ought to be treated. These women were controlled and disrespected.

When you can't ever figure out how to feel better about yourself, it might seem like it is too late or impossible to change - but that is far from the truth. Self esteem programs are never too late to start.

Low self esteem feeds on negative thinking about yourself which often leads to negative thinking about others just to make yourself feel better than them with the false belief that that  will make you feel better about yourself - the proverbial vicious cycle. The negative thinking feeds off of your lack of self worth and continues to throw more negatives at you, until you make the decision...

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