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What Would Inspire You to Seek an Emotion-Based Coaching Course? by Heather Williams

life coaching Feb 12, 2020

It is a confronting and defining moment when a person comes to the realization that something is not working, and their life is not turning out the way they think it should. Sometimes it’s not just one incident that wakes you up to the fact that you need to change your ways or you’ll continue along this endless path you’re on. For many, it is a gradual awakening of that spark within that tells you it’s time to move forward. For others, it takes a life-shattering incident.

So, why seek a Life Coach and not a psychologist?

It comes down to what you want out of each session. Personal choice. Some people are very comfortable with psychologists and the way they work, others are not. For those who are not, emotion-based Life Coaching can be just what they’re looking for.

What is it then, that inspires people to seek an Emotion-Based  Coach and go through a course such as those offered by YOU University or Emotional Baggage Removal?

The same thing that inspires anybody who sets out on a life-changing mission. It is not unlike what we call in fiction, ‘the hero’s journey’. First there comes the catalyst, the life-shattering incident or confronting moment in the hero’s life that makes him suddenly realize, ‘Hey! This is not right. I’m going to have to do something about it.”

That is the impetus that sets the hero, or heroine, out on their life-changing journey. That’s what makes them open the door to other possibilities. It’s the knowledge that something is not right, and the desire to change it for the better.

You see, people need to have an emotional stake in something before they are motivated to make that first move. They have to feel that they have something precious to lose by not taking up that quest to improve their lives.

When people come to me as an Emotion-Based  Coach, often that is one of the first things I ask. “What was it that brought you here for help? What are you hoping to gain from this experience?”

Having put their foot outside the door on their journey to self-betterment, what then inspires a person to keep going right to the end?

Let’s go back to our hero’s journey. Having decided to begin this momentous quest, the hero must have enough motivation to take him right through all the trials and tribulations he is going to face along the way.

Our hero can’t give up before achieving his goal. He needs hope. He needs to believe in himself. He needs the right tools and weapons with which to fight his demons. He needs to be able to look back and see how far his journey has taken him and know in his own heart that whatever it is he’s doing, is making a huge difference in his life and the lives of those he loves. In other words, he needs an emotional stake in the outcome in order to stay committed to the quest.

As an Emotion-Based Coach, this is what we do. We arm our heroes and heroines with the right tools, we encourage and support them in their journeys, we teach them how to see how far they’ve come and we teach them how to remain dedicated to their own personal quests.

It requires courage, dedication, commitment, heart and soul on the part of the mentor, and on the part of the hero/heroine. This is what we do best here at YOU University.

Heather Williams was one of the first coaches I trained. Sadly four years ago Heather left this life. I came across what she had written and I thought it was a good idea to reprint it. Heather's laugh and quirky personality is always missing from my life.

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