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How to Get More from the Law of Attraction

thoughts Nov 06, 2017

They Never Tell You This Part

The more we can learn about the Law of Attraction the more we can apply it to our lives. It seems their are parts of the law that most people don't explain.

Someone in my life has had almost lifelong issues with asking for what he wants which sometimes translates into lots of fear around standing up for what he knows is right. Since he too has a Life Is a School attitude, he uses his well-developed Observer to watch himself go through the fear and ineffective thoughts, feelings and behaviors when something like car trouble comes up.

He has a manufacturer warranty, a warranty from the local car place he bought the car from and additionally he bought a 4-year warranty to add onto all of that. Last week the car broke down and he has not had the use of it for a week.

After he went through all the thoughts and judgments and feelings about being a lousy car chooser (when he loves his reputation as a great researcher and knower about cars) he was up against his fear of standing up for what he wants - one of the three companies to get on the stick and get the car fixed for him.

This morning he continued his work on changing his thoughts and feelings about all of this - determined to overcome his reticence and this is what happened:
He went to work and immediately ran into a former attorney he knows who told him how to take the case to small claims court if need be

He called the local dealer where the car is and found out the process for repair has begun and he should have the car by tomorrow!

Conclusions : he created a different outcome by working on his thoughts and feelings and his Observer was able to help him with that.

So what's the part that few people talk about when they teach Law of Attraction? That your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your vibration and your creations will match your vibration but they never seem to tell you about the Life Is a School attitude which helps you create more and more expanded awareness. It helps you become aware of the objective Observer that lives in our consciousness which allows you to stay out of denial and let's you know how you are creating.

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