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Man Are from Mars.....and I Am Awed

healthy relationships May 11, 2016

I knew my husband since Oct. of 1982. I was in an intimate relationship with him for 32 years and married to him for just under 30 and sometimes I didn't have the foggiest idea who he was. He was like a beautiful being from another planet that came into my life to give me more than I could ever have imagined. He loved me amazingly. He believed in me and my abilities - often some steps ahead of how much I could believe in myself. He was so known to me and yet - sometimes I was almost breathless with the knowledge that this happened - how we finally found each other was like some kind of play Directed by Someone beyond thought.

Now how does that sound coming from one who is a total proponent in the belief that we create our own lives? But I can't quite wrap myself around having created so amazingly while being unaware that I was doing it. How did it happen? Am I really this powerful? Was he? Does anyone else feel this way? Do I feel this way because the contrast with my former life and relationship is so great?



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