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Marriage and Money Communication

issues May 14, 2016

Like other areas of our lives, we each have our stuff (definition: Ego + Unheard, Unprocessed Emotions + Unmet Needs). I come from a family where there was a lot of fear and denial around money. My mother was very afraid of not having enough. I believe my father was also afraid but he covered it with many layers of denial. So I come by my stuff quite honestly from the environment I unconsciously absorbed for the first 22 years of my life. I've certainly experienced fear around not having enough and in some ways covered that over with denial – a fine combination of both my mother's and father's emotional imprints.

The husband had his own but since we both believed we attract into our lives at the level of vibration our emotional selves are at (Law of Attraction), we've done just that. We've always had enough even when we lost it all in 2001 at which time we both experienced intense fear for months. I'm guessing that to some extent our financial situation right now is reflective of all those months of fear. 

I'm not aware of much, if any fear, about not enough these days but I only know the full truth about it by looking at the results in my life.

So back to money in our relationship. It's never been an issue. Because of our high level of honesty and communication, money issues fall under the topic "Everything We Talk About" and we know where the other is. Also, because we have a real partnership attitude, it's never mattered whether I was earning more or he was earning more. When I was earning more doing work I hated, I was very honest about my resentful feelings that he could not do this kind of work and got through them to the benefit of enhanced closeness and communication.

I guess money issues are only a separate issue if you don't keep them open and honest and communicate whatever is going on with you about them with your partner.


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