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My Story - Life Begins - Part 1

maia's story May 31, 2016

My name is Maia Berens and I will share with you the lessons and tools that changed my  life.  I  can  teach you  a  way  to  transform  your relationship  with yourself  in  so profound a manner that when you are through working with me, you will be able to say you  have  the  keys  to  revealing  your  authentic  self  or,  as  I  like  to  call  it,  your  Real  Self  or  the Real You.  

When I was a little girl  and my mother was  yelling, calling me names  and belittling me, there was a tiny bit of inner understanding that told me I was not actually bad. Even  when  my  ex-husband  told  me  I  was too  light  for  heavy  work  and  too  heavy  for  light work and  though  I was always underemployed  and  underpaid,  out  of  the  corner  of  my awareness, I glimpsed something big in me trying to find itself. 

All those times my ex-husband seemed to be trying to drive me crazy by relentlessly telling me that  nothing  I  said  made  any  sense,  a  hidden  fragment  of  me  recognized  I  was  someone  of intrinsic value with something important to teach. 

When my own inner critical voices beat me up unmercifully, there was a whisper an upbeat, shadow of a smiling voice - right alongside those critical voices. 

Now,  after  years  of  uncovering  who  I  really  am  I  recognize  that  that  positive,  upbeat little voice  was the one linking  me to  my Real  Self, my  authentic connection to the  Source of my Being, and by learning that those cynical inner voices are not genuinely me,  I grasped how to change my  negative  thoughts  and  feelings.  When  I  changed  my  negative  feelings,  my  whole life  changed.  By  learning  to  understand  and  satisfy  the  wants  and needs  of  my  Real  Self,  my life has become one of peace and acceptance that I could not have dreamed possible  in 1979. 

My  joy  has  inspired  me  to  share  with  you  my  story  and  the  precious  tools  I  have  acquired. These tools are  proven  to  work effectively if you  apply them. I am no different  than  you  are. Whatever  your  circumstances,  you  can  change  your  life  by  changing  your  thoughts  andfeelings, too.

I  fervently  hope  you  will  be  able  to  meet  your  authentic  self  as  well,  your  Real  Self,  and live joyfully  ever  after.  I  am  going  to  share  a  short  story  with  you  -  the story of my ever-evolving self - the story of my budding understanding that everything that is not my Real Self is an illusion. In it you may find parallels to your life or to the life of someone you  know.  In  it,  you  will  find  out  how my  authentic  self  guided  me  and  how,  when  I  noticed and  followed  its  lead,  I  came  to  know my  Real  Self  just  a  little  bit  better  than  I  had  before.

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